Top 10 Manual Traffic Exchanges

Are you Surfing the Best?
Here is a list of the top 10 manual traffic exchanges that we have been using and are upgraded in and recommend you join as you can join them all free with our special links below. It is a good idea to bookmark this page as this list will constantly change from week to week as traffic exchanges are constantly changing themselves and evolving. But this should help you surf exchanges that are going to be effective for you and your marketing which will put more money in your pocket!

Top Ten Traffic Exchanges

#1 Hitsbooster Pro

This exchange is great as they have lots of traffic and you hardly ever see popups. Like Traffic Return they have prize pages to award surfers bonus credits. They also have anti cheat scripts in place to ensure your getting quality traffic. Sign up is free here



#2 Blue-Surf
Much like Hits boosterpro, Blue-surf has prize pages and has lots of traffic. If your looking for an easy to use manual traffic exchange with an easy to navigate members are then this exchange is for you. Sign up is free here



#3 TrafficExchangeXL

TrafficExchangeXL is a great traffic exchange which performs well because surfers have to stay on the page for the allotted surf time which will result in higher conversions for advertisers! Sign up is free here

traffic exchange xl

#4 Instant Xchange

InstantXchange is one of my favourite exchanges despite the fact they do not have banner and text ads. This exchange has a really cool rewards system and dashboard. They allow you to earn points in which you can win prizes such as Ipads and stuff. Sign up is free here

#5 247 TrafficPro

247 Traffic Pro is another great traffic exchange much like the ones mentioned above rewards you with bonus credits within the prize pages but they have an option to bet them and make more or just withdraw them. All in all a very cool traffic exchange with a very cool design.

Sign up free here

#6 Grade A Traffic

GradeAtraffic is another great exchange with a ton of traffic and they also offer prize pages in which you can win bonus credits and even have login ads much like Traffic Return which credit you for simply logging in each day! Signup here free

traffic exchange xl


#7 PowerCashStream

PowerCashStream is a must join traffic exchange as they are truly doing unique things and make surfing enjoyable! You can find all sorts of rewards and bonuses for surfing and they have many contests. Signup here free

#8 HitSafari

Hitsafari has one of the best surfbars which is easy to use as they have Safari animals which makes clicking rather enjoyable, they also have prize pages in which you are awarded bonuses. They also allow you to auto allocate all your credits which makes it easy. Signup here free

HitSafari - Explore the wonders of great traffic

#9 Traffic Splash

Traffic Splash much like Hitsafari allows you to auto allocate your credts so you can focus more on surfing rather then assigning your credits to your sites, banners and text ads. They have a ton of traffic and also have prize pages in which you can chose from images of their staff members to win bonus credits. Signup here free

#10 EasyHits4u

EasyHits4u could of easily made the #1 spot as they have the most traffic out of any of the exchanges above and their site is just huge with all sorts of features but for some reason I can not get used to their surfbar which has a super long timer and weird buttons. It is still a great exchange to join because they have boatloads of free traffic. Signup here free

Your 1:1 Traffic Exchange


Just missed the Top Ten

Mobster Hits

Mobster hits is a very unique traffic exchange with some very quality traffic as they are truly doing unique things within their members area. They have some pretty fun stuff for their members if your into old gangster type movices and such. You can sign up free here



This list will likely change month to month so be sure to bookmark it for future reference so you know what traffic exchanges are worth your time!